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Podcasts…Not just for Broken Peas

June 1st, 2010

Bad jokes aside, podcasts are a marvelous use of technology. I have been listening to them for several years. I generally download them from Itunes because it is a very user friendly interface and I can load them on my Iphone. My favorite podcasts originate from Librivox. Podcasts can be streamed directly from their site or via Itunes. You can download or stream free audiobooks from this site and it’s totally legal. The books contained on this site are in the public domain, making them easily accessible.

There are a ton of free podcasts out there that contain both audio and video. Finally, information that is available in my price range! I would never want to actually create a podcast because listening to the sound of my own voice deeply disturbs me (somewhat like meeting myself in an alternate universe, but I digress). If one was interested they could go to Audacity. I learned, during today’s lesson, that I can download podcasts from NPR. I am very excited about this because one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, frequently makes appearances on this station.

I have been cynical about various uses of technology in the past, but I’m all in on this one. I can’t see where you could really go wrong with podcasting. It’s free, it’s available to anyone with an internet connection, you can get virtually any type of content, and did I mention that it is FREE?

One Response to “Podcasts…Not just for Broken Peas”

  1. ahenson says:

    I too like the idea of podcasts for radio talk shows like NPR. I don’t see how making that free would be a big deal since in its regular broadcast form, it is already free for the public to enjoy. Cable TV shows or music would be far trickier though.

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