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Chubby Fats Loves Delicious

June 6th, 2010

Our last lesson pertained to tagging and social bookmarking. I didn’t even realize that social bookmarking existed and the extent of my knowledge of tagging came from Facebook, where my lovely comrades enjoy clicking a horse’s butt cheek and labeling it with my name. Social bookmarking allows users to bookmark their favorite sites and collect them in one location on the internet. They can organize their bookmarks by tags, so that they are easy to find later because they are arranged by category. They are also public, so you can see what other people are tagging and vice verse. The site that I tried social bookmarking on is Delicious.

I didn’t even have to sign up for Delicious, because it is owned by Yahoo and I already have a Yahoo email account. After signing in with my Yahoo user name and password, I was free to start bookmarking and tagging sites. If you’d like to get a snapshot of my interests you can view my bookmarks here, on my Delicious page. I have a lot of books that I want to read in the future, but at the moment I have zero free time. I plan to mark the books that interest me on via Delicious, so that after I graduate I can revisit my bookmarks and buy them.

The most amusing part of this whole Delicious experience was the fact that at some point in my rambunctious youth, I attached the name “Chubby Fats” to my Yahoo I.d. I don’t remember doing it, and I have no idea when or why I did it, but it must have been me because it really seems like something I would do. When I signed up for Delicious, it automatically pulled this info and labeled my site Chubby Fats’s bookmarks. Whatever my reasons were for naming myself this in the past, I’m sure they were good, because this still cracks me up. Coincidentally, it also goes along with the theme of the site name. Everything is Delicious to me because I am Chubby Fats.

Image via Danke!

2 Responses to “Chubby Fats Loves Delicious”

  1. jajamoo says:

    I liked this post of yours. It was a post which didn’t just regurgitate the lesson we did in class, but looked at how a name like Chubby Fats could become tagged to your good Internet name forever. We know now to be careful when amending your Yahoo name to Chubby Fats because indeed, it may haunt you years down the line. All ye Chubby Fats of the Internet be forewarned!

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