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If Bloglines are addictive, does that make them digital cocaine?

June 7th, 2010

In order to understand that joke, you must suffer through this poorly animated clip (all the way through to the end).

For today’s lesson on RSS feeds, I had to give Bloglines another shot. In my first blog for this course, you can see that I was not too keen on the idea. Today, I was warming up to the idea, and that can be attributed to the fact that my professor likened it to Tivo. I enjoy my off-brand cable dvr, which is essentially Tivo without the fancy bubble-pop sound effects, so I decided to go ahead and try Bloglines again. Bloglines is supposed to make managing web content easier, by putting everything you read in one place. It aggregates unread blog entries until you read them. The sheer amount of content on the web only serves to make me have an existential freak out, where I feel that I am a tiny speck of dust swirling in an infinite universe and my life will be over in the blink of an eye.

This aggregator of RSS feeds allows me to be selective about which feeds I collect, yet it adds undue pressure to something that should be pleasurable. I exchanged my Blackberry for an Iphone because I did not like that god damned blinking light screaming at me all the time, “Check me. CHECK ME!” I don’t like operant conditioning that comes along with the beeps, buzzes, and blinks of technology. If I know that this site is just sitting out there in cyberspace, collecting cyber dust on things that I “should” be reading, it makes me nervous. I’m letting my freak flag fly high on this one, I am just really bothered by to-do lists that aren’t checked off, blinking Blackberries, and RSS feeds.

One Response to “If Bloglines are addictive, does that make them digital cocaine?”

  1. cmcglynn says:

    I wasn’t very keen on the whole bloglines idea either, I thought it was kind of useless myself. After being forced to explore it a little more, I kind of gave in to the fact that it was somewhat useful. If I’m pressed for time but want to catch up on my news headlines, a quick peek at google reader or something like that is all I need to do.

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