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I dug up an article that I dug, on a shoe that was dug up, then I Digged it on Digg. Ya’ dig?

June 10th, 2010

Today’s lesson pertained to Awareness tools. These are websites which keep you up to date on topics that are trending online. Surprisingly, I don’t hate them. I signed up for and immediately synced this site with my Facebook account. Then I went on Yahoo news scroll on my Yahoo page (sadly, the source of most of my news) and found this article about a discovery from ancient Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. I liked it, so I searched for it on Digg, and one other person agreed with me. I clicked the “Digg” button, and this information was automatically shared with my friends on Facebook, so that they can get the idea of precisely how lame my interests are (as if they didn’t already know). Easy enough. Then I went to the Digg homepage and looked at things that other people were interested in. These types of trivial topics interest me far more than what is going on on Fox “news,” (and to show my further disdain, I add to those quotation marks, an *eye roll*). But, that is a topic for another rant.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web, I consider sites like these to be “blinders.” If I try to devote attention to everything floating around out there, it would drive me absolutely insane. I like sites that make things manageable, and this one doesn’t appear to be too clogged up with manure (keeping with the horse analogy).

2 Responses to “I dug up an article that I dug, on a shoe that was dug up, then I Digged it on Digg. Ya’ dig?”

  1. anna says:

    That horse looks weirdly steampunk with those blinders.

    And I kind of think of digg-esque sites to be blinders too – they’re an excellent way to focus on The Big Cool Stuff if I only have a few minutes to devote to the intertrons, although usually I have enough time to sink in and look at all the lolcats I want. (Thank goodness.)

  2. rmusick says:

    As students and web users we are constantly struggling to simply scratch the surface of the amount of information out there on the web. Keeping up with what is floating around through the cyberspace is truly a challenging task. Awareness tools are something that can really help us try and do that, but how well does what they provide satisfy our expectations? I think that can be helpful because like you stated it provides a system through which people rate and agree with the posts by “digg”ing(?) them. Reddit is the awareness tool I explored in my blog. It is a great social awareness tool which seams to be exceptional at keeping up with new posts from across the world. You can find them on the site’s ‘What’s Hot’ list.

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