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“In my day, looking at people’s vacation photos was a punishment”- Betty White

June 15th, 2010

Yesterday’s lesson was about photo sharing sites. It made me think of what Betty White said during her recent Saturday Night Live monologue. I actually remember, as a child, being forced to look at people’s photographs from vacations or family reunions and wanting to claw my eyes out. Today, I actually enjoy looking at other people’s photos. The quality of cameras has vastly improved since the days of the Polaroid, the point and shoot with *gasp* film in it, the Brownie camera, etc. Pictures look much crisper and clearer, and I think it gives more people the inclination to be creative with their photography.

I love adding visual elements to things that I post online (hence, the pictures I have in virtually every blog post). I personally prefer sites like Photobucket to host a few pictures, but nothing major. I post a lot of pictures on Facebook.

On my trip to Europe last summer I took about 2000 photos, which I may eventually back up on Flikr so that I can finally wipe them off my SD card. Here are a few of my vacation photos for you to suffer through.
Amsterdam Bikes
Vienna fountain

2 Responses to ““In my day, looking at people’s vacation photos was a punishment”- Betty White”

  1. Nate Masters says:

    You have a way with words, madam. I was reading recently about Mr. Eastman, the guy that started Kodak in the 1880’s. The book I was reading said that six months after the original Kodak camera was put on the market (it was basically like a disposable camera, you would have to take it to the factory to get the film developed), the Kodak factory was developing 6000 photos a week. That was in the 1880’s, in one small area in up state New York. I think that the reason you would have to suffer trough people’s vacation photos before had little to do with the pictures and a lot to do with the actual presentation of those pictures. Now, you can look at peoples pics without having to listen to them drone on. You can also be selective about which albums you look at. I also think the wide availability of examples of good photography leads people to understand how to take a “good” shot so the over all quality is increased. The two shots you took are great!

  2. ZakT says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Betty White, I still can’t stand looking at other people’s vacation photos, although that might be because of my dad. He always turns vacation photos and videos into a big deal, creating music videos and sharing digital photos with family and friends through e-mail and the web.

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